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Give Justice

Your gifts make access to justice possible!

Your Impact for Justice

The Justice Gap -- the gap between those who can afford to pay for legal representation and the very few who can get free legal aid -- is growing and affects a huge portion of our communities. Some estimates reveal that 70% of American households fall into this Justice Gap! Although we offer affordable legal representation through sliding-scale-fees, no one is turned away due to the inability to pay. But it's your gifts that make this affordable access to justice possible!

We cannot do this work of Love and Justice without you!

Everyone has an opportunity to join GWLS as a Partner and work together for Love and Justice. Your power -- the energy, resources, and skills that you have to offer -- are vital pieces of the collective work of Love and Justice in our world. Whether it's providing a one-time gift, a recurring donation, gifts of stock, IRA and planned giving, your time and talent as a volunteer, or spreading the word about the work of GWLS, you have a crucial role to play.

Other Ways to Give

Other Ways to Give
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